For the new “Modern Classic” cafe racer, Thruxton 1200, added on pricelist specific products to customize and improve the handling and comfort.

The rear suspension twin set are adjustable on Compression, Rebound, Length and Spring Preload.

The twin sets (series M40D & M40KC) are available in “Chromed” or “BlackEdition” version, to optimize the bike look.

For the front fork are available the fork kit series FKE & FSE (spring set and preload adjustment) & the “full adjustable” cartridge kit series F15K (Compression, Rebound, Spring Preload adjustment) to modify the conventional non-adjustable original fork in a fully-adjustable one, allowing a greater custom setting. Dedicated spring rates, based on the driver weight.

The fork kits are fully reversible and no modification to the original fork is required for assembly.