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The FKE fork kit is the first step to improve the functioning of the original fork (traditional type).
Easy to assemble and adjust, improves comfort and driving confidence.

The kit consists of:
Complete fork caps, machined from Aluminium billet (Al 7075) with spring preloading adjustment.
Set of linear spring in Si-Cr alloy Steel, available in different rates, specific for the different bike models and the driver weigth, for a total custom.
Spacers in light alloy, in different lengths for the correct mounting in the different models of motorcycles.
Flow regulator calibrated and specific for every original fork.
The fork kit is totally reversible.
The installation of the kit does not require any modification of the original fork and is completely overhauled for the proper and regular maintenance.
All components in aluminum alloy are subjected to anodizing treatment.

Matris_fork-hydraulic-kit-FSE_zoom4 • Spring preload adjuster built-in type (for some applications only)

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