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The M46KD is a rear shock for Naked & Road bikes, of very easy use and adjust for the road rider to get a right set-up.

Computerized engineering systems are used to design, project and produce all the components and only materials of high-end technical and mechanical characteristics are used.

High precision machining with the objective of reducing weight and friction to offer a basic range of shocks to improve comfort, safety, and setting (always with Matris “look”).


Single-way adjustable hydraulic shock: REBOUND.

Cylinder D.46 with inner pressurized expansion tank (Nitrogen gas N2) with full floating piston for gas/oil separating.

Piston shaft D.16 mm made from high tensile alloy Steel, hard Chrome coatted.

Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.

Spring in Cr-Mb alloy Steel, available in different rates (based on the bike and the rider weight).

All components, machined from Alu alloy, are with anodizing treatment.

Matris_twinshock-M40D-M40E_zoom1 new

Nitrogen gas (N2) charging valve




The rear shocks series M46KD are supplied as standar with spring Preload by millimetric rings . On demand, a unit of Hydraulic spring Preload. Is also available. Type: (a) Integrated, (b) Flex, (c) Flex-Knob, according to different applications.

Range of adjustment: 7 mm






Also available the new IK integrated hydraulic spring preload.




Bottom eyelet or fork joint, machined from billet in Alu alloy (Al 7075)

Many models, are also available with ride height adjustment for a customizable setting of the bike.

Range of length adjustment: 9 mm



M46KD DARK Series

Available also with Black Spring.





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