BMW R Nine T 1200 Scrambler 2016

BMW R Nine T 1200 Scrambler my 2016
To customize setting and performance of the BMW vintage boxer R NineT Scrambler, now available specific line of products.

* Multiadjustable hydraulic rear shocks, series  M46KD,  M46K and M46R, also equipped with Hydraulic Spring Preload     adjuster.
* Fully adjustale hydraulic cartridge fork kit series F15K and (the cheeper) FKE fork spring kit, all ready to fit without any modification to the original fork.
* Adjustable and “speed-sensitive” steering damper kits, series SDK & SDR for sport riders, to reduce shaking and provide greater safety at high speed.

Also available the IKS knob-hydraulic spring preload to fit and up-grade the OEM rear shock.