Vespa serie GTS

For Vespa, the “Italian style icon”, new suspension set, for a big change in the setting and handling.

To fit the series GTS 125-150-300, we have developped the new M36V1, a specific project for front & rear suspension set.

The new products are made and assembled respecting our standard high level quality materials and parts.
The M36V1 series is not just a replacement of the original shocks but represent an improvement of comfort and handling.

Hydraulic functioning, 36 mm piston valve unit, ligth alloy cylinder, 14 mm chromed piston-rod, pressurized system (Nitrogen gas).
Compression & Preload adjustments on front & rear shocks, and in addition, the ride-higth adjustment on the rear twin.

Available with standard Orange spring or with Black spring (on Dark version).