SUZUKI GSX-S 1000 Katana my 19

For the “legendary name” new Katana 1000 added on pricelist specific products to improve the handling and performance.

The rear suspension options are fully adjustable.

Three options: the base line M40KD, the med line M46K and the top line M46R.

Orange spring as standard and Black spring on the Dark version, to optimize the bike look.

For the front fork, are developped the cheaper entry-level FKS & FRK spring & hydraulic kits and three options of fully adjustable hydraulic cartridge kits to allow a greater setting.

– F20K the 20 mm quad-valve-system cartridge.

– F25R the update 25 mm classic hydraulic cartridge.

– F25SA the 25 mm sealed hydraulic cartidge.

All the fork kits are fully reversible and no modification to the original fork is required for assembly.