Twinshock M40D

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Set rear twin-shocks for Classic & Custom bikes, of very easy use and adjust for the road rider to get a right set-up.
Computerized engineering systems are used to design, project and produce all the components and only materials of high-end technical and mechanical characteristics are used.

High precision machining with the objective of improving comfort, safety, and setting.


Single-way adjustable hydraulic shock: REBOUND.
Cylinder D.40 in Aluminium alloy with inner pressurized expansion tank (Nitrogen gas N2) with full floating piston for gas/oil separating.
Piston shaft D.16 made from high tensile alloy Steel, hard Chrome coated.
Spring Preload by millimetric rings.
Spring in Cr-Mb alloy Steel, available in different rates (based on the bike model and the rider/passenger/luggage weight).
Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.
All components, machined from Alu alloy, are with anodizing treatment.Ammortizzatore di tipo idraulico, a singola regolazione: ESTENSIONE.

Matris_twinshock-M40D-M40EThe Twin Shock is available in two versions:
Black cylinder & Black spring
Silver cylinder & Chromed spring


Matris_twinshock-M40D-M40E_zoom2•  Bottom eyelet machined from billet in Alu alloy (Al 7075). Some models, are also available with ride height adjustment for a customizable setting of the bike.

Range of length adjustment: 9 mm


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