HONDA CB 1000R my 18

For the new sport-naked bike CB 1000R have been developed specific suspensions products.

Multiadjustable rear shocks series M46KD & M46KF, equipped with Standard or Hydraulic spring preload by flex-knob system.

The “Dark” version also available on demand.

On front side, a complete range of hydraulic cartridges is offered:

> F25SA (the “closed” hydraulic cartridge)

> F12R (the “classic” hydraulic cartridge)

> F20K (the newest “quad valve system” cartridge)

All  allow a fully adjustment (Compression-Rebound-Preload), replacing all the original internal fork parts.

Ready to fit (plug&play), without any modification to the original fork.

Also available the “entry-level” hydraulic fork kits FRK-BP to improve performance of the original SFF fork.

Dedicated spring rates, based on the driver weight, are available.